Broken Mirrors

by Kinjac

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Although Kinjac has a prolific resume as a producer and four albums already to his name, his last album Moths was released three years before Broken Mirrors. They say that death strikes in threes and he became quite accustomed to it in this atypically long break between albums. First his sister’s best friend died of cancer at 19, then their father died very suddenly from cancer, and then he and his wife watched her father slowly deteriorate and die from cancer. Those events punctuated other major upheavals and traumas in his and his family’s life, and needless to say, Broken Mirrors is lyrically a dark and introspective album that deals with existential reflection on tragedy and loss. However, it does not focus on death itself, but instead the ways in which severe emotional traumas affect us personally and in our relationships with others. Trauma breaks a person on some level and that affects our interactions with everyone around us. We begin acting self-destructively and bring our loved ones down with us. Like a broken mirror, our reflections are distorted and those who hope to seek a clear reflection in us only see a fragmented and broken image. Kinjac has been this broken person, and he has been surrounded by them, and Broken Mirrors is his musical exploration on that theme.


released April 22, 2016

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kinjac (Michael O'Shea) at Seven Moths Studios.


all rights reserved



Kinjac Asheville, North Carolina

Kinjac is the pseudonym of music producer MG O’Shea. A true solo artist, he writes, plays, records, mixes, and masters every sound on every track. Kinjac’s eclectic, genre-bending style is perhaps best described as “Southern Gothic Electronic.”

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Track Name: What You Find
I lit the flame
spoke the spirit's name
I'm not ashamed to admit
I went looking for trouble
sifted through the misery
to find the lessons in the rubble
returned from the other side
with my vision doubled
read the sacred scriptures
written in the sands of time
mysteries of the divine
etched deep within the mind
buried deep under the radar
in the words inside a rhyme
left in plain sight
for the blind seekers to find in time

what you find
in the quiet of your mind
isn't always fine you’ll find
I’m afraid that's the price you pay
for having something real to say
Track Name: Our Time Is Done
it’s so hard to find hope
when you’re living on a sinking boat
with no land in sight
no way to get it right
(turn off the light and say goodnight)
we’re all playing a rigged game
living in a system made to keep us tame
a rose by any other name
would smell as sick

we’re all going down into the sea
so let it be
and let it burn
another turn around the sun
another year closer
to staring down the barrel of a gun
our time is done
Track Name: Wolf
she keeps it numb
to keep the peace
he’s sipping gin
he’s dressed in fleece
but he’s a wolf
and she’ll be on her knees
so soon
she signed a deal with the devil
and spelled out her doom
Track Name: Champagne
blame all your troubles
on the future and the past
spent your life building monuments
that can't last
took a look in the mirror
all you see in its glare
is a fragile shrinking soul
from a life spent unaware

now champagne bubbles
are all that sticks to your soul
you've drowned yourself in a bottle
and dug into a hole
wasted away
like all the minutes of your passing days
for your life of leisure
that's the price you pay

self diluted and defeated
by the thoughts you hold
now you’re sinking down
into the ground that you stole
save your breath if you think
you can apologize
don’t you know you can’t sew up the wounds
you opened with your lies

now champagne bubbles
are all that sticks to your soul
you've drowned yourself in a bottle
and dug into a hole
wasted away
like all the minutes of your passing days
for your life of leisure
that's the price you pay
Track Name: Selfish
you see what you want
you hear what you please
you take what you want
til there’s nothing for me
too selfish to see
that your misery
is self-imposed
(you’ll never know)

too careless and empty
to see reality

pop your pills
and count your wealth
drink your drinks
for better health
hide yourself from yourself
cause your self is too selfish
Track Name: In Time
I need to learn how
to slow down
and stop myself
before I ignite
I need to learn how
to trust the ones I love now
so I don’t burn down
everything that I’ve built

all of my friends
have left me for dead
they can’t stand the things I’ve said
can’t stand the things I’ve said
all my past lovers
can’t stand to see my face
now they’re in a better place
they’re in a better place
all of my dreams
have shattered at my feet
cause nothing stays complete
no nothing stays complete
all I have loved
has withered on the vine
cause everything will die in time
everything will die in time
Track Name: Broken Mirrors
best to forget
those haunting memories
that keep you up at night
best to let go of all regret
and be on your merry way
best to forget
the things you never meant to say
the paths that never were your way
the nights that never turned to day
the lingering stain
from a heart carelessly maimed
the fear ingrained
by wounds that left you lame
and stole your youth
best to forget
all of the truth
that was contained
in the names
of those who chose
to close the door
and walk away

broken mirrors all around
can’t seem to find the ground
under our feet
all is terror and defeat
can’t reflect
when your soul is circumspect
when your head is off its neck
and all you feel inside is dead
Track Name: Shattered
broken mirrors on the walls
reflecting all we see
distorting what it means to be
Track Name: Possession
you don’t seem yourself, my friend
I hear the noises from beneath our feet
I hear them coming up from underneath for me

you’re not yourself
please, just calm down
before they take you underground

should we run
or should we stay
and pray that the demons
don’t take our souls away

you’re not yourself
please, just calm down
before they take you underground
Track Name: Possessed
you've got your claws dug so deep in me
and your flaws kept so secretly
that no one can see
how your demons
have possessed both you and me

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