Seven Addenda

by Kinjac

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Includes revised versions of songs from Seven Years Bad Luck and Kinjac's experimental (and now unavailable) release The Upside of Down.


released July 7, 2009

All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael O'Shea (Kinjac).


all rights reserved



Kinjac Asheville, North Carolina

Kinjac is the pseudonym of music producer MG O’Shea. A true solo artist, he writes, plays, records, mixes, and masters every sound on every track. Kinjac’s eclectic, genre-bending style is perhaps best described as “Southern Gothic Electronic.”

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Track Name: Down (Revised)
I've got a cronic condition
a melancholy affliction
it's a strange low position
but it's by my own volition

cause I choose to pay attention
and so now, I'm feeling down

I'm feeling down
Track Name: Time (Revised)
can’t find the time
to figure out my mind
what’s a boy to do?
what are any of us to do?

kill the clock
find time for your mind
slow on down
stop, relax a bit
find time to analyze
to answer all the whys
let it all sink in
let it all sink

dissipate in your psyche
take hold, root, grow, slowly
Track Name: Omni (Revised)
I failed the test
I’m put out of your trite contest
outsider to your grand experimental mess
I undress myself of the clothes you’ve robed me in
begin to take a step towards what i see

oh, drown me
in everlasting bliss
steal a kiss from the mist
and sink down in the sea
I return to me

what do you want from me?
I thought i opted out
conscientiously abstained
only to be arraigned
in the courts of the emperor
I render to you what is yours
but you always want more

you’re breaking down the doors
to my mind
you’re not happy with it simply confined
you want it all
you want it all
Track Name: Back Of Your Mind
you cannot ignore me forever

I'm in the back of your mind

I am your fear of the dark
I am your paranoid mind
I am what keeps you up at night
I am that from which you cannot hide

I'm in the back of your mind
your mind
you're mine
Track Name: Internalize
I internalize
all that you verbalize
send my glare
straight back through your eyes
to the back of your head
things better left unsaid
somehow seep out
keep out
of the conversation
what i know will only make you freak out
of your complacent situation
I'm sorry to
bring this to your short attention span
but I'm here to lead you by the hand
to the end of man

it's the fall of man
and all those things that
somehow seem familiar now

it's the end of an ethos
and all those things that
somehow keep us off kilter now

and all all those things that
somehow keep us off kilter now
Track Name: Harmonize
there are some things
I should have said
but they may be better off
in my head

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